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Charmingly situated along the Elbe banks, the historic town of Coswig (Anhalt) is about 15 km west of Lutherstadt Wittenberg and separated from the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz only by the river. With its sights and the surrounding Elbe lowlands, the town offers quite a lot to discover and promises nature enthusiasts and cultural travelers alike a rewarding visit.

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The history of Coswig goes back to the 12th century and even today do the oldest buildings still shape the town’s silhouette. Arriving visitors are greeted from far away by the three towers of Coswig which are also displayed in the town’s logo. They belong to St. Nicholas Church, the town hall of Coswig, and Coswig Castle.
On a closer look, the town reveals its Mediterranean charm in the Unterfischerei neighborhood, a medieval contemplativeness at the Wahlsdorf draw well, historic significance at the Bismarck tower, or technical sophistication of the copper hammer in Thießen. Several important architectural monuments well worth a visit have been preserved in the tranquil town, and along the Treidel trail or onboard the reaction ferry, it is easy to see that the Elbe lowlands hold many surprises.
In the north, the town borders the hilly Fläming Heath, in the south the Elbe flows by in an idyllic bend. Over hundreds of years, Coswig was the regional center, residence town and widow’s seat of the Anhaltian princes and ducal post. Embedded within three UNESCO World Heritage Sites (the Luther Memorials at Wittenberg, the Garden Kingdom at Dessau-Wörlitz and the Bauhaus at Dessau), and situated within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe, the town naturally is a starting point for excursions and impresses with its own rich history. We are looking forward to your visit!

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Getting there by bike

European Hiking trail E11
Elbe Cycle Route

Getting there by public transport

Wittenberg- Dessau, Coswig (Anhalt) train station

Getting there by car

A9 Berlin-Munich, Exit Coswig (Anhalt), B187 direction of Coswig

Coswig (Anhalt)Highlights & Recommendations

Simonetti House

The almost inconspicuous half-timbered building with large courtyard, built in 1699, was once used as baroque nobility seat.
In view of the impending demolition of the building, the association “Simonetti House Coswig (Anhalt)” has adopted the property in 2007. The concept is to allow guests […]

Gierfähre Coswig (Anhalt)

St. Nicholas Church Coswig Site of three famous Cranach paintings

As in 1272 an Augustinian nunnery convent was founded in the immediate neighborhood, the St. Nicholas Church was donated to the nuns as a nunnery. After 250 years of use as a monastery church and thanks to the Protestant Reformation in 1517, the church has been opened to the citizens of Coswig. […]

Unter- und Oberfischerei

in Coswig (Anhalt)

Historisches Rathaus mit Marktplatz

Klosterhof mit Stadtmuseum

Kreuzritter-Gut Buro

Kupferhammer Thießen