Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe UNESCO-mandated since 1979

The Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe is one of Germany’s oldest. At the heart of this Biosphere Reserve lies the Elbe, the country’s third-largest river, meandering through the landscape. Untouched river courses alongside regularly flooded, fertile meadows have become rare in Central Europe. Yet all this can be experienced right here along the Elbe, where the last uninterrupted stretch of alluvial forests exists.

Foto: Am Elbufer © Andrea Winger - Biosphärenreservatsverwaltung Mittelelbe

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Foto: Elbebiber
© Mirko Pannach

Foto: Abendstimmung
© Guido Puhlmann - Biosphärenreservatsverwaltung Mittelelbe

Foto: Biosphärenreservat Mittelelbe
© Andrea Winger

Foto: Kapenmühle im Frühling
© Mirko Pannach - Biosphärenreservatsverwaltung Mittelelbe

Foto: Elbe bei Brambach
© Mirko Pannach - Biosphärenreservatsverwaltung Mittelelbe

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