Fläming Nature Park

With its hills rising up to 200 meters above sea level, Fläming Heath constitutes the northernmost elevation before reaching the coast of Germany. Vast broadleaf and pinewood forests, hidden villages surrounded by fertile meadows and fields bestow Fläming Heath with its unique character. Nested between the Elbe and the High Fläming of Brandenburg lies the Fläming Nature Park in Saxony-Anhalt. Heavy boulders and wet meadows testify to the last ice age.

Foto: Hummeln im Frühling. © David Ludley - Naturpark Fläming e.V.

Schloßstraße 13
06869 Coswig (Anhalt)

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Foto: Bildtest
© André Eißer - Perspektivmedien UG

Foto: Neues Naturparkinfozentrum - Eröffnung im September 2018
© David Ludley - Naturpark Fläming e.V.

Foto: Fläminglandschaft
© David Ludley - Naturpark Fläming e.V.

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