Lower Saale Valley Nature Park

The beauty of its landscape and the natural treasures have earned the Lower Saale Valley its status as conservation area as early as 1961. With its meadow landscapes and the diversely formed side valleys and rocky slopes, the river course has always excited and inspired naturalists and artists. Numerous varieties of protected animals and plants are native to the area, and many cultural monuments are waiting to be discovered.

Foto: Naturpark Unteres Saaletal bei Nienburg © Bildrechte – Geschäftsstelle Naturpark „Unteres Saaletal“ -

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Foto: Nienburger Schlosskirche
© Bildrechte - Geschäftsstelle Naturpark „Unteres Saaletal“ -

Foto: Streuostwiese bei Alsleben
© Geschäftsstelle Naturpark „Unteres Saaletal“ -

Foto: Schlosspark Neugattersleben
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With over 40,000 hectares, Lower Saale Valley Nature Park stretches along the Saale between Halle and Bernburg. Where the Saale River breaks through the mountain ridge of Halle-Hettstedt, the landscape opens up to steep cliffs, narrow valleys, and impressive slopes. The soft climbing fields and the fairy-tale meadow landscape frequently offer views of a region in which the process of geological evolution is visible. Deciduous forests, running waters, arid biotopes, as well as meadow orchards, contribute to the unique appeal of the region. Because of its advantageous location, the area of the Lower Saale Valley was populated in very early times. Accordingly, numerous archeological as well as ground monuments are found here, telling of peoples’ lives.

Five educational trails lead through the nature park and offer information on the flora of the floodplain forests, the mining industry, and the region’s cultural history.

A small exhibition at the Nature Park Information Center in Bernburg provides information on geology, and the plant and animal life. Visitors may obtain further information and brochures.

Opening hours

Verband Naturpark "Unteres Saaletal" e.V.
Montag - Freitag 9:00 – 12:00 Uhr

Getting there by bike

Entdecken Sie den Naturpark Unteres Saaletal auf dem Fahrrad: der Saale-Radwanderweg durchquert den Park auf einer Länge von 68 Kilometern, der Europaradweg R1/D3 auf 29 Kilometern und der Radweg Saale-Harz auf einer Strecke von 22 Kilometern.

Getting there by public transport

Aus allen Richtungen bis zum Bahnhof Bernburg, das Naturparkinfozentrum befindet sich direkt im Bahnhofsgebäude. Dort erhalten Sie Informationen, wie Sie zu Fuss oder mit dem öffentlichen Nahverkehr den Naturpark erkunden können.

Getting there by car

Informieren Sie sich unter www.unteres-saaletal.de

Points of Interest

Schloss Bernburg

Schloss Plötzkau