Luther 2017 500 years of Reformation

Stadtkirche St. Marien in Wittenberg
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Martin Luther is probably the most prominent German theologian of worldwide significance. By posting his Theses on October 31 1517, Luther laid the foundations for the protestant church. Luther’s protesting the sale of indulgencies was more than a revolt against the ruling Catholic Church. Contemplating human existence and the graceful gift of God, humbleness and personal responsibility became the decisive pillars of faith. In 2017, the Evangelical Church of Wittenberg and the WorldHeritageRegion celebrate the 500th anniversary of the posting of the Theses with numerous events, services, and exhibitions.

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Luther Memorials in Wittenberg
The Cradle of the Reformation


Nearly 500 years ago, the whole world gave attention to the small town of Wittenberg on the Elbe, when Martin Luther rang in the Protestant Reformation with the posting of his Theses to the door of the Castle Church. The fact that the newly founded denomination spread so quickly should not only be credited to Luther. Assisting him were his loyal companions Philipp Melanchthon and Lucas Cranach the Elder; their footprints have been preserved all over the town.

The original locations and domains of the reformers, among them the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Lutherhaus, the Town Church, the Castle Church, and Melanchthonhaus, impressively testify to this important era.

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Pilgrimaging on the Luther Trail
Tracing Luther’s steps in the WorldHeritageRegion


The WorldHeritageRegion is home to many places that are significant to the history of Reformation; places which invite contemplation and places holding a strong spiritual presence. Thus, also today you can find yourself steeped in the spirit of the Reformation. Come on a pilgrimage on the Luther Trail in Saxony-Anhalt, a pilgrim route connecting each and every place and milestone of the Reformation.

Did you know that pilgrimaging was forbidden under penalty of death in 1537 in Norway where it remained forbidden until 1953? Luther, too, was critical of pilgrimages as it was associated with the sale of indulgences and superstition during his life time.


Downloads in German::

Handbuch zum Lutherweg (pdf, 5.69 MB) (Wegführung wurde in einigen Bereichen geändet)
GPS-Track (gpx, 284 KB)


More detailed maps available in German here:


Luther to go
Clothes, bags, gifts and more


Martin Luther was a man of letters and a phrasemaker - in the best sense of the word, of course. For many of the dictums he coined still hit the nail right on the head, are on most everyone’s lips here and there. With a t-shirt from the Luther collection, everybody can become a messenger of Luther’s good news. Also bags, gifts and other accessories are a keepsake of the visit to the land of Luther.


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