Family vacations

Excursions for families with children

A family vacation is always an unforgettable experience. And our World Heritage region has much to offer for families with children, be they toddlers or teenagers. Whether you are looking for a summer vacation or just a weekend escape: in Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg great swimming lakes, zoological gardens, hands-on exhibitions and bike paths await you, making our World Heritage region a great place for visitors of all ages.

Vacation tips

Vacation tips

On the road with the family

Marktplatz mit Altstadtbahn

Wittenberg’s old town train (Altstadtbahn)

See our sights in comfort

Fancy sightseeing in Wittenberg, but the kids tire quickly? Then we recommend a ride on the Wittenberg Altstadtbahn. This trackless train transports visitors through the old town of Wittenberg in comfort, passing the most important and beautiful sights of the city. Follow in the footsteps of Katharina von Bora and Martin Luther, experience the history of the Reformation in Wittenbergs old town and see many important sights, historic buildings and institutions in a short time.

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Wagons der "Krumbholz" Eisenbahn

Pioneer railway Krumbholz

A ride through Bernburg’s "Krumbholz"

The track of this pioneer railway runs through the middle of the charming "Krumbholz" area, a drained riverbed. On a route of about 1,9 kilometers, the "Krumbholz-Liese" connects the stops Rosenhag, Tiergarten, Sportforum, Keßlerturm and the fairytale garden "Paradies". Opened in June 1969, the five covered carriages of the railway can accommodate 20 people each.

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Bikes‘n More Bernburg

Cycling through our region

The rental shop Bikesn More in the valley town Bernburg will get your entire family moving on two wheels in no time. Its location directly on the cycle routes R1, Saale and German Unity (Deutsche Einheit) makes this store a great starting point for a physically active exploration of the nearby recreational area.

TIP: Guided bike tours through the Salzlandkreis are available upon pre-registration. Geocaching for the whole family on foot or by bike.

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Markt 4
06406 Bernburg (Saale)

Tel. 0347 8669860

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Wikana Kekswelt

WIKANA Cookie World (Kekswelt)

At Wikana, the world has revolved around all things sweets since 1906. Classic cookies such as Othello, Hansa, Wikinger, the only round butter cookie, or specialties such as Kalter Hund (Cold Dog, a chocolate dessert sometimes called "Hedgehodge Slice" in the UK) Wittenbergs treats remind many consumers of their childhood.

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