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in Zerbst/Anhalt
Frau im Kostüm von Katharina der Großen steht vor einem Spiegel im Schloss Zerbst

Zerbst Castle

Of the former 3-winged residence of the noble house of Anhalt-Zerbst, only the eastern wing still exists. It houses exhibitions and host events in the summer. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the castle's history.

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Blick in die Sammlang Katharina II.

Collection Catherine II

The collection, lovingly assembled, found a home in the beautiful former Kavaliershaus, close to the once magnificent residence of the nobles of Anhalt-Zerbst. Stucco ceilings, busts and tile decorations made in Zerbst form the stylish framework of the exhibition.

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Museum der Stadt Zerbst von Innen

Zerbst Museum

The museums collections on prehistory and early history, on the history of the town and especially on the Reformation in Zerbst and in the whole of Anhalt inform the focus of the exhibition in the former Francisceum monastery complex. 

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Highlights & Recommendations

eine Gruppe von Menschen bei einer Führung

Route “Catherine the Great”

Guided tour

The tourist route Catherine the Greatwith its 10 stops in the middle of Zerbst, the German hometown of the former Russian tsarina, has unique value. It connects Catherine’s history with the histories of her hometown and of her family.

The route leads to authentic sites connected to the former Zerbst princess and her family. It connects the history of the city with that of the noble House of Anhalt-Zerbst, from which the famous Russian Tsarina Catherine II (1729-1796) hailed. From Zerbst she embarked on a bridal trip to Russia in 1744 and later became regent over the great Russian Empire. She was a dazzling personality and a powerful and successful ruler who went down in world history. This guided tour sheds light on her life, her work and her personality while visiting sights unique in Germany, such as a larger-than-life monument made of solid bronze, the former baroque riding arena or the court and collegiate church of St. Bartholomew.

Group up to 25 persons without special services 37, special services on request

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Tourist information Zerbst/Anhalt


Kirche Polenzko

Themed churches in Luso, Polenzko and Trüben

Visit and guided tour of the 3 themed churches

With the Christmas Church in Polenzko, the Hymnal Church in Luso and the Osterkirche in Trüben, the church district Zerbst offers unique experiences in the Vorfläming. Beautiful old houses of worship invite you to spiritual encounters and historical discoveries.

Visitors of the Vorfläming region in Zerbst/Anhalt can embark on a very special journey of discovery. Here, three themed churches are close together, offering space for inner contemplation, discovery and encounters with history. Polenzkos Christmas Church houses the largest carved nativity scene in Germany, presenting the biblical Christmas story. In Lusos Hymnal Church, visitors can browse old and new hymnals and Bibles from all over the world and, of course, sing. After its completion in 2017, the Osterkirche Trüben presents the Passion of Christ in many stations inside and outside the church. Anyone who would like to visit the themed churches can do so at any time. Expert guided tours are available by appointment.

Further information
Guided tours are available for a fee, please call the following numbers:
Mrs. Hahn Tel. 039248 7300 u. 0179 2029321
Mr. Janssen Tel. 0340 25261401

Burg Lindau

Lindau Castle

Tour of the castle and the castle complex

The origin of Lindau Castle dates back to the 9th/10th century. Once built as a fortified castle for protection and defense, it is still visible from afar today. 

Climbing the castle tower rewards visitors with a unique view of the nearby Fläming and the Nutheauen meadows. During a guided tour of the over 260 m (in diameter) of the castle complex, you can dive deep into the eventful history of the town and the castle under changing rulers.

€ 2 p.p. for guided tours
Minimum price for small groups: € 5

Further Information
Gudrun Rosenauer
Chairwoman of the local history and tourist office Lindau e.V.
Tel. 039246 303

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