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in the Düben Heath Nature Park
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Tour: Heath & Beaver

On the approx. 30 km of the Heath & Beaver-tour running from Bad Düben to Bad Schmiedeberg, forests alternate with open heath landscape. The hiking trail is the first quality hiking trail established in the Düben Heath, fulfilling 32 defined quality characteristics.
With luck and perseverance, hikers may discover beaver lodges in the Hammerbach valley or even catch a glimpse of a beaver. Besides the charming landscape, the hiking trail also offers interesting cultural aspects. The route touches the last active charcoal kiln (Eisenhammer) in the Düben Heath. Also worth seeing are the spa parks in Bad Düben and Bad Schmiedeberg, the Düben Heath Museum at Düben Castle, the nearby Nature Park House (Naturparkhaus), the museum village with its mill in Bad Düben or the moated castle Reinharz.

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Wanderweg der Lieder

Trail of Songs

The Trail of Songs (18 km), inaugurated on the 99th German Hiking Day in the Düben Heath Nature Park, runs along the Reinharzer Weg near Bad Düben to the Siebenarmsäule and over the Dreiämtereck to the observation tower Schöne Aussicht” in Bad Schmiedeberg. The trail then descends into the town. Along the way, hikers will find boards with the most beautiful hiking songs of the German regions and are, of course, encouraged to sing.