Luther Trail

Walk, look, pray, find peace.
Denkmal Luthers vor Stadtkirche

The Luther Trail in Saxony-Anhalt has a total length of 450 kilometers. Besides tourist attractions, it also offers lots of spiritual potential. The churches and attractions along the way draw attention to Luthers local work. A wide range of spiritual activities are on offer.

The route of the Luther Trail runs between the Luther towns of Wittenberg and Eisleben directly on to Mansfeld. You can either head north from Wittenberg via Dessau and Bernburg or south via the Düben Heath (Dübener Heide) to Halle (Saale), Eisleben and Mansfeld.

There are connections to other hiking trails throughout Germany and Europe.

Places of interest along the Luther Trail

Cranach Hof in Wittenberg

Cranach houses and courtyards in Wittenberg

Ansicht des Johannbaus

Museum of City History Dessau - Johannbau

Exhibition on culture and history in Anhalt-Dessau, which also looks at the time of the Reformation
Schloss Georgium

Georgium Castle and Park

Anhalt Picture Gallery with rich collection from the Cranach workshop
Innenstadt von Kemberg

Church of St. Mary in Kemberg

A plaque and a stone bench commemorate the fact that the congregation placed Luther's coffin in the church
Francisceum in Zerbst

Francisceum Zerbst

Zerbst is the first reformed town in Anhalt where Martin Luther preached several times starting in 1522
St. Jakobskirche Köthen

St. Jacob's Church in Köthen

Under the rule of Prince Wolfgang of Anhalt the church became Lutheran as early as 1533 and reformed in 1600