Fläming Nature Park

A natural and cultural landscape with many possibilities.

Why do nature parks exist?

Nature parks are established in order to preserve and develop the diversity and uniqueness of the natural area in a region that is worthy of protection. For this purpose, measures from nature and landscape conservation, environmental education and soft tourism must be coordinated and implemented in a complex. Such nature park regions are particularly suitable for model sustainable regional development. They serve as a basis for people's recreation and thus for securing the livelihood of the population.

Do you need information on hiking and cycling trails, event information and other nature park information?

Visit us at the nature park information centre in Coswig (Anhalt) or on our website.


Flämis Huus, Ausstellung in Coswig

Everything for children

Children can not only let off steam in the Fläming/Saxony-Anhalt Nature Park, but also learn a lot about the nature park. We offer various activities especially for school classes, after-school and kindergarten groups. The children can go on a discovery tour with a discovery waistcoat and explore the flora and fauna in the area. They can learn more about the beaver that lives with us, help sow, tend and harvest in the snack garden or visit our hands-on exhibition in the Flämis Huus.


The Fläming/Saxony-Anhalt Nature Park also lives from its people. We like to work a lot with volunteers from the region who share their time and knowledge with us. Whether it's tree planting campaigns, collecting rubbish, looking after the nature park information centre and stands, or looking after our hiking trails, we are always happy to receive support and ideas for making the nature park even more lively, creative and sustainable. So if you are interested and have the time to volunteer with us, please contact us.

Fläming basket

The three different Fläming baskets contain delicious products from the Fläming region. Honestly, a Fläming basket is simply the perfect gift if you want to do something good for your region. If you are curious, you can find more information on our website, including how to order.



Logo Flämingradweg

Fläming Cycle Route

The Fläming Cycle Path leads from the centre of the Fläming to the Elbe. It is a weaving connection of the two supra-regional long-distance cycle routes Europaradweg R1 in Bad Belzig and the Elberadweg in Walternienburg or in Dessau-Roßlau. As a regional themed route, the Fläming Cycle Path is the ideal way to actively discover the beauty of the High Fläming and the Lower Fläming by bike.

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Wanderer im Fläming

Hiking trails

Between the Elbe in the South and the High Fläming in the North (Brandenburg), a varied landscape offers rest and recreation. Typical Fläming churches, traces of the settlement by the Flemish over 800 years ago, rare plants and animals, forest clearings and colorful strips of flowers by the side of the paths bear testimony to the diversity of this natural-cultural landscape. Signposted hiking trails offer visitors an opportunity to embark on tours of discovery. In preparation, we recommend a visit to the new information center in Coswig (Anhalt).

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Burg Lindau im Fläming

Very special places in the nature park

With very special places” we mean landscape areas boasting several worthwhile destinations within a short distance of each other, giving visitors access to various offers and facilities, from museums to themed churches, from nature trails to excursion restaurants.

The 82,000 hectares of this nature park comprise more than just five very special places”, but the big five” are a good place to start. In and around Möllensdorf, Garitz, Lindau, Thießen and Külso, far away from the noises of the big cities, many attractions are waiting to be discovered. Further information is available on our website or directly from us at the nature park information center.