Bike tour: 4 Rivers

A bike tour along the rivers Elbe, Saale, Mulde and Fuhne

Sights along the 4 Rivers Bike Tour

At the Mulde

Bauhaus Dessau Hinteransicht

Bauhaus buildings Dessau

´From the Kornhaus restaurant in the north to the Bauhaus building and the mastershouses to the Dessau-Törten estate in the south, Dessau has more original Bauhaus buildings than any other city. The most important ones are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Irrgarten Altjeßnitz

Altjeßnitz maze

The Altjeßnitz maze is in a park in the picturesque Mulde floodplain. It is the largest and oldest baroque maze in Germany. Its two-meter-high hornbeam hedges and narrow paths make for an impressive maze.

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Luftaufnahme Goitzschesee

Region Lake Goitzsche

Where once excavators dug into the earth to bring lignite to the surface, Lake Goitzsche today caters to water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and other guests. The region around Lake Goitzsche offers many possibilities for day trips and also for longer vacations.


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At the Fuhne

Falschmünzerei Radegast

Forgery in Radegast

In 2003, Radegast took a hard look at the local history of forgery and reconstructed a workshop.

At the Saale

Blick auf das Schloss Bernburg an der Saale

Bernburg Castle

The former residential castle of the princes and later dukes of Anhalt-Bernburg rises on a high sandstone rock on the eastern bank of the Saale. A civitas brandanburg” was first mentioned in a deed of gift from Otto I dated July 29, 961.

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Naturpark Unteres Saaletal

Lower Saale Valley Nature Park

The area of the Lower Saale Valley became a protected landscape in 1961 because of its scenic beauty and natural treasures. Thanks to floodplains, variously shaped side valleys and rocky slopes, the area has long offered naturalists and artists stimulation and inspiration. Many protected animal and plant species are at home here and there are various cultural monuments to discover.

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At the Elbe

Radfahrerkirche Steckby

Cyclist church Steckby

In May 2008, the Lutheran church St. Nicolai became the first cyclist church in Saxony-Anhalt. St. Nicolai is not only the patron saint of the Steckby church but also of travelers.