Vacations near the water

Beach vacations in the World Heritage region

Lakes, ponds, rivers: the World Heritage region Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg has a lot of water to offer–ideal for sports enthusiasts and recreation seekers. The rivers Elbe, Saale and Mulde, idyllic post-mining lakes such as the Mulde reservoir and the lakes Gremmin, Gröbern, Bergwitz and Große Goitzsche offer ample opportunities to relax or get active.

From open pits to open lakes 

Dream vacations on the lake

Where lignite excavators once dug into the earth, post-mining lakes now beckon to friends of beaches, water sports and nature. The Dübener Heide, between Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Bitterfeld, was once one of the largest lignite mining areas of Central Germany, but the political revolutions at the end of the 20th century brought change to the area. A unique process of transformation turned a battered lunar landscape into beautiful lake areas by flooding open-cast mining pits. Thanks to their excellent water quality, they offer ideal conditions for vacationers as well as for many species of animals and plants.

ein Windsurfer auf dem Bergwitzsee

Lake Bergwitz

Lake Bergwitz is located south of Wittenberg on the edge of the Düben Heath. As early as the 1960s, the former open pit mine Roberts Hoffnung” (Roberts Hope) became an idyllic lake. Sailors, surfers, stand up paddlers and other fans of activities on the water have fun on about 180 hectares of water.

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Lufaufnahme auf den Pegelturm am Goitzschesee

Lake Goitzsche

Lake Goitzsche near the gates of Bitterfeld is a scenic gem offering a wide range of activities for water sports enthusiasts, holiday makers and nature lovers, inviting visitors to swim, cycle, sail, dive and surf.

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Blick auf den Edderitzer See

Lake Edderitz

Lake Edderitz near Köthen hails sun-seekers with 400 meters of sandy beach at the Edderitz lakeside resort. The water quality is exceptional, making the lake more than suitable for bathing. Various sports, among them swimming, diving, skating, cycling, jogging, and even biathlon are catered for here.

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Luftausnahme vom Muldestausee

Mulde Reservoir

The edge of the Dübener Heide Nature Park today boasts an exciting and valuable biotope along the Mulde reservoir, providing a habitat for rare and endangered species, while both sailors and surfers glide over the lake. The favorable development of the water quality also makes the lake ideal for fishing.

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Strand am Möhlauer See

Lake Möhlau

To the west of the town of Gräfenhainichen lies Lake Möhlau, idyllically set between pine forests. The lake area with its gently sloping shore, its sandy beach and its sunbathing lawn offers a terraced design. Its shores host a fishing lodge, a camping site and two bungalow settlements.

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Luftausnahme von Ferropolis auf einer Halbinsel im Gremminer See

Lake Gremmin

Five huge lignite excavators escaped scrapping. Today, these steel giants are bearing witness to a bygone industrial era in the „Ferropolis“. In the year 2000, flooding the mine Golpa-Nord near Gräfenhainichen resulted in a recreational area.

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Down by the Riverside

A time out by the water

In the river landscapes on the Elbe, Mulde and Saale, wonderful natural areas meet historic towns such as Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Dessau-Roßlau, Wörlitz or Bernburg. On a paddle tour you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes from the water. If you like it more quiet, choose a trip with the passenger ship in Bernburg. Sport boats are allowed to sail on the Elbe and Saale rivers. Supraregional bike paths such as the Elbe Cycle Path, Mulder Cycle Path and the Saale Cycle Path accompany the river courses and invite you to bike tours near the water.

Frau am Elbufer


The Elbe is one of Europes most important rivers, and the second largest river inside of Germany. Of its total length of 1,091 km, 940 km are navigable. The source of the Elbe lies in the Bohemian Giant Mountains (Karkonosze), from where it flows into the North Sea. Discover the Elbe in this World Heritage region by canoe, kayak or sailboat!

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Mulde bei Altjeßnitz


The Mulde, at high water one of the fastest flowing rivers of Central Europe, is non-navigable. But between the junction of the Freiberg and Zwickau Mulde and the Mulde reservoir near Pouch, the river offers excellent opportunities for water hiking.

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Active on the water

Diverse. Active. Refreshing

Stop by the water

Dining and overnight stay

A cool drink, a delicious snack, a tasty dinner in a place with a waterside view ... does this sound like heaven? Yes, and following a day at the beach or a paddle tour, you might just like a place to stay close by. Look no further!

The following offers near lakes or rivers in the World Heritage region look forward to your visit.

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