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St. Petri-Kirche mit ihrem Bibelturm

Ascending the Bible Tower Wörlitz

...A little closer to heaven

The Bible Tower is the 66-meter-steeple of St. Peters in Wörlitz. Anyone who lets their gaze wander from up there over the Garden Kingdom Dessau-Wörlitz to Wittenberg, Dessau or Petersberg will feel a little closer to heaven.

Yet, visitors can also get closer to heaven in the tower itself: The exhibition Between Heaven and Earth(Zwischen Himmel und Erde, opened in 2009) offers religious, scientific and philosophical perspectives on the heavens (the biblical heaven gets a mention or two, also). In the special atmosphere of the Bible Tower, you can physically experience a state of suspension between heaven and earth.

Standard: € 2 p.p., other prices on request.
Holders of the World HeritageCard enter the Bible Tower for free.

Further information
Guided tours of St. Peters and the Bible Tower are on offer regularly.
Duration: about one hour.
Groups need to register for tours.
Services at St. Peters: Sunday 10:30
Tel. 0340 21677214


Falknerei Wörlitz

Visit the Forsthaus Wörlitz falconry

Flight shows with 16 different bird species

From April to October, flight shows with birds of prey and owls take place every day, except Mondays, at 15:00.

Our shows comprise unique performances by owls, the silent hunters of the night; our funny vultures Max and Moritz; steppe eagle Olga; and the fastest animals alive, our falcons, flying over our visitors heads at speeds of over 200 km/h

The falconry is inside the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe.

Adults: € 6

Children; € 3

For holders of the World HeritageCard, admission to the flight shows is free.

Further information
Falknerei Wörlitzer Park
Coswiger Straße 2
06785 Oranienbaum-Wörlitz, OT Wörlitz
Tel. 0177 6202140


Wörlitzer Park

Guided tour: Wörlitz Landscape Park

A synthesis of art in the Garden Kingdom Dessau-Wörlitz

Visitors get an overview and learn intriguing facts about the origin of the Wörlitz parks.

From the very beginning, the parks were open to the public. Their 112.5 hectares of landscaped area flow into the surrounding floodplains and farmlands. Here, nature and art come together in the best possible way. Starting at the time of their creation, the Wörlitz Gardens were an international attraction, as they are still today.
Five garden sections spread around the four-armed Lake Wörlitz: the castle garden (Schlossgarten), Neumarks Garden, Schochs Garden, Weidenheger and the New Enclosures (Neuen Anlagen). Although separated by lakes and canals, the various sections are united by ferries, bridges, paths and visual connections. Discovering this synthesis of art takes time, but visitors can get an excellent overview during one of our guided tours.

Adults: € 8 p.p., children: € 3 p.p.
Holders of the World HeritageCard can take the tour for free.

Further information
im Küchengebäude am Schloss Wörlitz
06785 Oranienbaum Wörlitz, OT Wörlitz
Tel. 034905 31009

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