Bernburg (Saale)

and the crown of Anhalt


in Bernburg (Saale)
Blick auf das Schloss Bernburg an der Saale

Bernburg Castle

The former residential castle of the princes and later dukes of Anhalt-Bernburg rises on a high sandstone rock on the eastern bank of the Saale. A civitas brandanburg” was first mentioned in a deed of gift from Otto I dated July 29, 961.

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Blick auf Rathaus und Theater

Bernburg Town Hall

A special eye-catcheris the town hall, built in 1895 in the style of historicism (neo-Renaissance). A structural peculiarity is the much older portal of the tower. The flower clock on its front dates to 1938.

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Highlights & Recommendations

Hof am Schloss bernburg


with panoramic views

Ascending the Romanesque keep is a special experience. In the turret of this so-called Eulenspiegelturm” or owl-mirror tower,” the famous jester Till Eulenspiegel kept a lookout for enemies of the Count of Anhalt and tricked himself into a meal at the princely table.

Today, a life-size, movable figure of Till recounts his experiences here. In fair weather, visitors to the worlds largest Eulenspiegel monument” have a view over the Saale Valley all the way to the Harz Mountains.

Note: The Bernburg Castle Museum is closed until further notice because of extensive construction work. It is scheduled to reopen in 2022 boasting a brand-new, barrier-free permanent exhibition. However, changing exhibitions continue to be presented in the Eulenspiegelturm. The museums educational department also offers activities year-round.

Eulenspiegelturm 2,00 Euro p.p., other prices on request.

Visitors enjoy free admission to the Eulenspiegelturm with the World HeritageCard. >> More

Further information
Museum Schloss Bernburg
Schlossstraße 24
06406 Bernburg (Saale)
Tel. 03471 625007

Saaledurchbruch - Naturpark Unteres Saaletal


in the Lower Saale Valley Nature Park

Explore the varied landscapes of the Lower Saale Valley Nature Park on a guided hike, a bus tour or an escorted bike tour!

By bus or on foot, this tour leads into the charming landscape of the Lower Saale Valley Nature Park. It delves into the areas to the left and right of the Saale between Halle and Bernburg. Here, the river has formed varied landscapes with many geological peculiarities, producing a varied flora and fauna. Besides the natural sights there are also historical sites such as the town and castle of Wettin and Plötzkau Castle. Route and destination depend on your wishes.
Within the framework of guided hikes, the nature park offers the opportunity to get to know the richness of the landscape. These guided tours can also explore the nature trails in the nature park area, explaining geology, fauna and flora and the cultural landscape of the Saale Valley. The nature park center has a small exhibition offering additional information.

Further information
Verband Naturpark "Unteres Saaletal" e.V.
Bahnhofstraße 1a
06406 Bernburg
Tel. 03471 640435

Parkeisenbahn Krumholz

Day’s Hikes: offers

for schools and day care centers

Plan a very special outing with the little ones. Bernburg offers a diverse range of day hikes chock-full of fun and action.

During a day hike in Bernburg, you can hear the story of a very special day in the Krumbholz,” learn more about the largest monument to the famous jester Till Eulenspiegel, or discover the relationship between the bearand Bernburg. Alternatively, you can explore the river on the MS Saalefee”.

Choose a tour:

  • Happy Day
  • Till Eulenspiegel
  • Nature park discovery tour - on the road in Bernburg (Saale)
  • Saalefee Day
  • Salt and Bernburg
  • A musical journey
  • Geocaching modern + zigzag - 100 years of Bauhaus and modernity
  • Geocaching through Bernburg (Saale) - places of the Reformation

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Stadtinformation Bernburg
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