Aken (Elbe)

A shipping city on the Elbe


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Biosphärenreservat Mittelelbe

Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe

Embark on a tour of discovery!
Enjoy the unique course of the Elbe with its fine sandy shores and natural floodplains. The picturesque Elbe bike path and the bike/hiking trail near the Elbe run through the largest contiguous floodplain forest complex of Central Europe, right here in the Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe.

Nature lovers get their moneys worth in Germanys largest river landscape. The Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe has the most extensive contiguous floodplain forest complex in all of Central Europe and is also the home of the endangered Elbe beaver.
This is one of the most species-rich nature reserves in Europe. The local floodplain paths invite visitors on unique hikes, enabling them to discover over 200 species of birds in their natural habitat. With a little luck, visitors may even get a glimpse of a beaver, a black stork or a curlew.

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Radfahrer Elberadweg Aken

The Elbe Cycle Route

The Elbe cycle route is a travel experience that has grown over the years and now crosses national borders, stretching 1.300 km from the mud flats of northern Germany through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains to the Czech Giant Mountains. It runs through unique cultural landscapes, crossing vibrant cities and the almost untouched nature of the Elbe meadows.

Embark on an adventure trip combining nature, culture and savoir vivre on the Elbe cycle path near Aken and enjoy the unmistakable landscape of this biosphere. Our experienced tourist guides will gladly show visitors the most interesting sections of the biotope and the floodplain forests on foot, by bike, in a canoe or on horseback.

And why not extend your stay in Aken? Tasty culinary offers and well-kept accommodations await you.

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Koordinierungsstelle Elberadweg Mitte
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Marktplatz Aken

The old town

The old town is characterized by a medieval city layout: a checkerboard pattern with gates and towers. Immerse yourself in the citys history and discover the medieval marketplace with its unique fountain.

We recommend visits to Akens churches St. Mary, St. Nicholas and St. Konrad; St. Mary and St. Nicholas are among the oldest buildings in town and can be visited on request.
A spacious viewing platform opens a unique perspective of the port of Aken (over 120 years old). Some deem it one of the most important trimodal interfaces for freight traffic in the Central German region.
Aken enjoys a ferry connection between the two banks of the Elbe since 1355.
The historic reaction ferry moves passengers from one bank to the other in 5 minutes. Cyclists love the ferry with its maritime charm, as it gives them a chance for a brief break.

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Stadt Aken
Markt 11
06385 Aken (Elbe)

Tel. 034903 610155

Stadttürme Aken

The Aken town festival

Every year on the third weekend in August, the traditional town festival is celebrated in Aken.

Over three days, visitors will be treated to a spectacular fireworks display of entertainment. On two stages there is a lot to experience for young and old. The festival weekend is organized by the city of Aken (Elbe) in cooperation with many associations of the city.

Further information:

Stadt Aken
Markt 11
06385 Aken (Elbe)

Tel. 034903 610155