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Schloss Coswig an der Elbe

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in Coswig (Anhalt)
Nikolaikirche in Coswig

Saint Nicholas

With its 52 m tower, the church of St Nicholas dominates the Coswig townscape. Anyone driving through the town on the Elbe will notice this magnificent building whose history goes back a long way.

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Fassade des Simonetti Hauses

Simonetti House

This inconspicuous half-timbered building from 1699 was once a baroque residence and is now known as the Simonetti House”. In 2007, the Simonetti Haus Coswig (Anhalt) e.V. association started managing the property then threatened by demolition, allowing the public to experience a fascinating tour aptly dubbed Adventure stucco ceilings” (Abenteuer Stuckdecke).

Outwardly inconspicuous, the building contains seven stucco ceilings unique in Saxony-Anhalt. Thanks to their sophisticated iconographic picture program, this stuccowork is without comparison. Chamber councillor Baron Friedrich von Mehder, charged with impregnating silver into goldfor Prince Carl Wilhelm von Anhalt-Zerbst, commissioned this building while master builder and stucco artist Giovanni Simonetti took care of the stucco. 

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Blick ins Innere der Kirche Sankt Nicolai

Cranach paintings in St Nicholas

In 1272, St Nicholas was given to the nuns of a newly founded Augustinian nunnery. After 250 years of use as a convent church, it once again became the town church of Coswig in 1527 thanks to the Reformation.

Three pieces from the creative period of Lucas Cranach the Younger survived the bellicose 17th century: the Epitaph for Knight von Pogk” (1577, Epitaph für Ritter von Pogk”), the Last Supper” (Letztes Abendmahl”) and The Crucifixion of Christ(1556, Kreuzigung Christi). This beautiful church also houses a few other treasures, so it is definitely worth a visit.

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Unter- und Oberfischerei

This residential area and its iconic street are in one of the oldest settled areas of the town. A supporting wall, built in 1822, separates the Unterfischerei from the Oberfischerei, protecting the upper part of the residential area from sliding into the floodplain. The indentations in this wall once served as stalls protecting local fish vendors from the elements.

In one of these indentations, one can see the Coswig town coat of arms. At the same time as the supporting wall, a staircase and a bridge were constructed. They are still the shortest way to the market. One can also easily reach the reaction ferry from here, which carries visitors across the Elbe to the Garden Kingdom.

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