Bitterfeld Arch

The symbol of the city

Since August 2006, Bitterfeld and the region around Lake Goitzsche are home to an impressive structure. With the Bitterfelder Bogen, Frankfurt artist Claus Bury created a unique vantage point enabling views over the newly created lake landscape of the region.

Two pointed oval wing shapes placed diagonally to each other support the sweeping steel arch construction resembling a bridge from a distance. This unique design allows visitors a multitude of associations, ranging from the grab of a lignite excavator or an oversized flying buttress to a butterfly resting on its wings.

The continuous ramp up the arch is 540 meters long. At each of its bends, there is a small platform with a bench inviting visitors to enjoy the view. The top ramp ends at a balcony jutting out over the arch to offer a unique panoramic view of the surrounding area.