Lake Bergwitz

Lake Bergwitz is located south of Wittenberg on the edge of the Düben Heath. As early as the 1960s, the former open pit mine Roberts Hoffnung” (Roberts Hope) became an idyllic lake.

ein Windsurfer auf dem Bergwitzsee

Sailors, surfers, stand up paddlers and other fans of activities on the water have fun on about 180 hectares of water.

Lake Bergwitz has its origins in the open pit mine Roberts Hoffnung,” opened in 1908. In 1916, Germanys first bucket-wheel excavator went into operation here. Twenty years later, the developing company was declared Germanys most advanced such institution. In 1955, the mine went out of business; flooding then created Lake Bergwitz. Today, seven springs feed the lake with clear water, guaranteeing an excellent water quality.

Since 1963 there is a campsite near the lake. The Bergwitzsee Resort offers modern facilities and a boat rental and even floating vacation homes.

Lake Bergwitz in numbers

Water surface/size: 183 ha
Volume: approx. 20 million m³

Max. Depth: 35 m
Length (shoreline): 8.2 km
Water level: approx. +65.4 m NHN
Open pit mining: 1905-1955
Flooding/Renaturation: 1960-1963 (natural groundwater rise)



At Lake Bergwitz, various beaches invite visitors, guaranteeing a suitable spot for everyone! The beach on the northern shore offers beach volleyball, a nature playground, an open-air stage, toilets and a snack bar. This beach is for non-nude bathers, as is the one on the eastern shore of the lake. Nudist beaches are on the southeastern shore and on the peninsula in the lake's south. Visitors traveling with dogs will want to check the dog bathing beach on the northeastern shore. There is also a lake access for horses on the southeastern shore.

Sandstrand mit Bäumen an der Uferlinie

Non-nude (textile) beach

East shore

Dog beach

Northeast shore
FKK-Strand am Bergwitzsee

Nudist beach

Southeastern shore
Textilbadestrand am Nordufer vom Bergwitzsee

Non-nude (textile) beach

North shore
Mädchen spring von einem Steg zu Papa in den See

Segelboot auf dem Bergwitzsee

Offers & Highlights

am Bergwitzsee
Mädchen auf einem Tretauto am Bergwitzsee

Boat & bike rental

at Bergwitzsee Resort

Bergwitzsee Resort offers following items for rent:
- Rowboats
- Canoes
- Kayaks
- Pedal cars for children
- Bicycles (26er|28er|w/child trailer)
- Sports/Leisure equipment
- Cable drums
- CEE adapters


Floating cottages on Lake Bergwitz

at Bergwitzsee Resort

Floating houses let holiday-makers glide over the glittering water of Lake Bergwitz while enjoying magnificent panoramic views of the Bergwitzsee Resort and the multifaceted landscape. The charming combination of a dreamlike location and a high-quality vacation home guarantees a very special feel-good experience.

Enjoy the view of the starry sky from the water. Let the setting sun enchant you while you sip on a refreshing drink floating on the lake and then welcome the day with breakfast on the lake terrace.

eine Frau und ein Mann fahren mit dem Fahrrad durch die Natur

Cycle Route COAL | VAPOR | LIGHT

Cycling from lake to lake

This cycle route connects the lakes between Wittenberg and Lake Großstolpen, south of Leipzig. Milestones of industrial history line up along the COAL | STEAM | LIGHT cycle route traversing this once mighty Central German industrial region. Cyclists explore the former mining and industrial landscapes on a trail of over 160 km length.


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