Luther's house

Most in-depth museum of the history of the Reformation

Built in 1504 as an Augustinian monastery, Luthers later house was first known as the Black Monastery”. The name alluded to the color of the Augustinian monks cowls. Martin Luther lived here as a monk from 1508 onwards. The monastery dissolved in the course of the Reformation, and in 1532, Luther moved into the house with his family and his wife, Katharina von Bora. After Luthers death, the university took control of the building and converted it into a boarding house for students. The front house, built in the mid-1580s, received the name „Augusteum“ in memory of the universitys patron, August I of Saxony. From 1844 to 84, the building was thoroughly renovated by Friedrich August Stüler, and in 1883 a first museum, comprising only a few rooms, received visitors here. Up until 1937, the first floor was home to a Lutheran school.



Tölpel - Luthers Hund

Participatory exhibition for children with Luther’s dog, Tölpel.