Wörlitz Castle and Landscape Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Floratempel im Wörlitzer Park

Temple of Flora (Floratempel)

It took 35 years to create the first significant landscape garden on the European continent, bit by bit. Five garden sections correspond with each other through a well thought-out system of visual relationships, paths and canals, with buildings, sculptures and plantings forming the start and end points of these relationships, opening up to visitors behind every bend and from the many garden seats. Prince Franz had the designs executed according to the motto of combining the pleasant with the useful. Little wonder that the gardens also served for fruit growing, agriculture and cattle breeding. The educational intentions connected with the garden design - the main reason for making the grounds accessible to everyone from the very beginning - were also exemplary. 17 beautiful water crossings, for example, tell the story of the art of bridge building!

Wörlitzer Park

Wörlitz is home to the founding buildings of German Classicism and of the Neo-Gothic style. Visitors should certainly explore its classicist castle with its original, beautifully preserved furnishings. It reflects the travels and the passions of Prince Franz. There are antique sculptures, Italian and Dutch paintings (including Rubens) and English ceramics from the famous Josiah Wedgwood manufactory. The noble banquet hall and the palm hall, with its recreated pomegranate hedge, will amaze visitors, who can also relax and enjoy the park during a gondola ride across the lake.