Annaburg: Between two rivers

Sights along the Annaburg path between two rivers

Schloss Annaburg

Annaburg Castle

Frederick the Wise, protector of the Reformation, commissioned a massive new building comprising a front and rear castle in the early 16th century. Lucas Cranach the Elder, a painter at the electoral court, was involved in the design, among others.

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FrauenOrte on the cycling route

Künstlerin Petra Reichenbach

Various electresses had their say in the women's chambers in Lichtenburg Castle:

  •  Electress Anna of Denmark initiated the rebuilding of the castle in 1564 and established an apothecary's shop
  •  Electress Hedwig of Saxony initiated the wall and ceiling paintings in the women's apartments between 1611 and 1641 and cared for the poor and needy with her Hedwig Foundation during the Thirty Years' War
  • Princess Wilhelmine Ernestine of Denmark and her sister modernized the entire palace grounds, including the pleasure garden, between 1685 and 1717 and supported August Hermann Francke in founding his orphanage in Halle.
  • The artist Petra Reichenbach would like to give back a piece of her personality to further courageous women who had to give up their names in the concentration camp Lichtenburg in order to exchange it with a multi-digit number. You can find more about the art project here

» A women's place. Strong women in the women's chambers